Thoughts from the Cast: ...And Sunday Was the Day of Rest...

Or, rather, it wasn't.

With strains of the giggle-punctuated voice of Peter Yarrow wafting through the window, today's rehearsal took on an odd quality. Wading through the tiny bodies and gratuitous strollers of the annual Great Read at Columbia was a warm-up exercise in itself. It was as if the ReImagined collective effort to embody and understand children had malfunctioned and exploded. So it suffices to say that things were a little loopy today.

Amanda and Ameneh did tremendous work over the week creating a storyboard and a narrative structure to work with, and the fruit of their labor is a sensitive and delicate story of Child, a precocious protagonist whose experience is interwoven with eight storybook characters. Through their interactions, the ever-evolving Child learns what it is to rely on himself, to love another, and to live.

This is going to be big.

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