Thoughts from the Cast: Kill the Demon

Tonight was our final rehearsal before we begin to storyboard in earnest. So far in the rehearsal process, actors have been bringing in floods of stories and folklore from religious, ethnic, historical and personal backgrounds to share with each other. After much deliberation, we’ve narrowed the pool down to the eight stories we’ll be using in the show. In tandem with the script-related elements of our show, our two directors have been helping the entire cast explore new and different ways of conveying narratives. Rehearsals so far have produced everything from chalkboard explanations of maidens lighting on fire to children forcing each other to play their favorite game of Kill The Demon, among many, many other methods. The cast is really coming together and learning how to play off of each other well, and the entire crew is looking forward to this Sunday, when we will begin to weave our eight narratives together. Also, this weekend will be the first of many bar nights in support of reImagined! We’ll be at La Negrita (109th and Columbus) this Friday and we’ll be hoping to see any reImagined enthusiasts drop by to say hello and maybe hoist a few with the cast and crew!


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