Thoughts from the cast

With only 18 more days left until the big night, things are gearing up and . What's especially exciting about this entire process is that with every rehearsal, something new and unexpected emerges, whether that's a different take on choreography or a new song, so that, very much like the forest that serves as the setting for our play, our performance is constantly flowering and evolving to the extent that by the time November 13 arrives, the finished product will be as fresh and vibrant in our eyes as it will be in yours. Not to imply that we don't have a stable, overall , vision--in fact we have have a rather wonderful script on which we depend. Nonetheless , Reimagined is about transporting not only us but you the audience back to the era of childhood, when rules were not so much as important as being in the moment and allowing that thing called imagination to be the guiding force. It's this spontaniety we hope to retain and distill into what should be an out of the ordinary and great evening.

-Ausar English

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